Developed out of necessity, created from all things natural, hand wrapped with love for the environment and a pure understanding of what "Local" really means, this is where Just Wanna Melt began and continues to grow.

For years, I struggled with allergies to skincare products and in 2008, while recovering from back surgery and facing the possibility that I may not be able to return to my 30 year profession as a nurse, I decided to find my own solution to my skin issues. I started creating skincare products in the kitchen of my log cabin home, using all plant based ingredients, local beeswax, and honey. After perfecting my products, and with the urging of family and friends, I started selling my products at local farmer's markets, where I quickly developed a loyal customer following.

Just Wanna Melt products are now sold online, in retail shops and regionally in Whole Foods Market. I am very lucky to be able to follow my two passions, helping others and my love for the environment.

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Just Wanna Melt products give your skin the ultimate experience, using only 100% natural ingredients to smooth, soften and repair. Our products are chemical-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free -- so only nature is at work!

Just Wanna Melt's all-natural skin care products are hand crafted to promote healthy, well-balanced skin.

All ingredients have been tested for purity to meet the highest standards of skin care.

We have high standards when it comes to environmentally-friendly packaging, too. You won't find any plastic here!

We use only recycled, biodegradable and compostable packaging.


We are a proud "dark" green company with deep community roots. Our eco-friendly all natural products are made from scratch in small batches and sold with companion pieces from local artists.

Our community plays a huge part in my company, from a group of local business students that designed my labels, to the neighborhood family owned UPS Store that prints them, the local potter that make our shaving mugs, the upstate mold maker that designs the beautiful molds for our solid lotions, the wood turner down the road that creates one of a kind lotion saucers from fallen South Carolina trees, our small town lumber company that mills our soap trays, the local farmers who grow the organic herbs and flowers for my soaps, and my beloved beekeeper who supplies me with the most amazing beeswax and honey.


I have been told I come by this "Naturally", and that may be, but the things I have learned came from past generations. I have loving memories of long walks through the piney woods of Louisiana with my grandfather, who was a forester. As we walked, he taught me all about the plants in the forest, the good and the bad and their many uses. My curiosity to solve problems and my obsession with severe weather (ie climate change) is all because of my detective grandfather, who I loved with all my heart. My grandmother taught me how to live a green, sustainable life, before anyone really knew what that meant, by living off the land. My love for mixing ingredients came from watching my French grandmother make amazing meals for scratch. My love for the arts came from my mother and father. My mother was an amazing artist and photographer. My father owned a display company and to watch him work his magic was truly amazing. I can only hope that I can impact the next generations' lives the way my past generations have impacted mine.