Packaged in a recyclable 4 oz glass bottle with aluminum lid. Includes glass dropper for clean and easy application.


Available in: 
Calendula known for its all over healing properties

Lavender known for its calming and healing properties


These organic oils are slowly infused with the healing properties of organic flowers and herbs designed to moisturize, mend, and tone the skin. Our blend of organic high oleic sunflower seed oil and meadow foam seed oil are rich with essential fatty acids and naturally high in Vitamin E and K. The herbs and botanicals release their inherent healing properties during the infusion process.

Herbal Infused Oil

  • Our herbal infused oils are designed to be used on the face and body. For the face and neck area, apply a couple of drops using circular motions to massage into warm damp skin. Can be used all over as an after shower oil by massaging directly onto damp skin. For the ultimate spa pampering results, add a tablespoon of oil to a warm bath and enjoy the relaxing, moisturizing soak.